Hi, I’m Elle. Welcome to the Ideal Day Project!

One day, I followed some advice that sounded silly. I imagined my ideal day, from beginning to end, in lots of detail: what I did for a living, where I lived, how I spent my time, even what I ate for breakfast. Sure, I had thought about these things before (who hasn’t?), but for the first time, I grabbed a pen and a notebook and wrote everything down.

The results shocked me: my ideal life looked completely different from my daily life. Gone was the 2.5-hour commute, the hour of putting on makeup and styling my hair. Gone was the closet stuffed with clothes. Gone was the negativity, the complain-iness, the (sometimes) mean sense of humor. I craved a life of health, simplicity, creativity, and meaningful work. Access to the outdoors. Happiness.

I spent a few months just being overwhelmed. What could I do? I couldn’t just throw in the towel, give up my apartment, my lifestyle — my life! Even if I’d wanted to, I hardly knew where to begin.

I’ve decided to set up daily resolutions that will bring me closer to my ideal day and to track my progress online. I hope that, by writing about my own experience, I’ll not only cultivate a life that aligns with my interests, passions, values, and personality (whatever that is!), but also help others to take their ideals seriously and change their lives, one day at a time.


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